Community Directory

Like other software platforms that we interact with on a daily basis, the myHOA® app lets community members post their name, email address and other information about themselves. Adding more information than the required email address is optional, but if positioned correctly, community managers can help homeowners to connect names with faces, and find common interests among community members.

Store Files Securely

Within the myHOA® app is an online storage area for community  documents like the community bylaws, CC&Rs, architectural restrictions, board meeting notes and other documents. These can be posted by community managers and accessed by app and website users.

Work Order Form

This Direct contact to community managers is a must-have for every community homeowner, and the myHOA® software gives that to homeowners. Contact forms are a fast, easy way for community members to contact their community manager to ask a question, file a complaint, report a violation, report an emergency, make a service request or communicate any other issue.

Our Location

You could include a Google Map of your communities' location